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Dedicated To Serving Texas Clients

If your happiness has been troubled by a challenging legal problem, you should turn to an experienced attorney for assistance. My name is Grant Frankfurt, and I am the founder of Frankfurt Law, PLLC. I am here to help you resolve the difficult situation you are in and move forward with your life.

For nearly a decade, I have represented clients throughout the Dallas metro area with complex issues in family law and criminal defense. As a born-and-bred Texan, helping my fellow community members is of utmost importance to me.

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In addition to providing outstanding advocacy, I will answer your questions, address your concerns and give a realistic idea of what you should expect. From misdemeanors to felonies, from divorce to child custody, you can turn to me for the experienced legal help you need.

Police Academy Training – Certified In Field Sobriety Tests

To better serve my clients in their criminal defense cases, I decided to complete police academy training. I also obtained my certification to administer the standardized field sobriety tests used by law enforcement in DWI cases. This allows me an invaluable perspective when it comes to understanding how police officers are expected to conduct a drunk driving stop. Often, I can use this knowledge to determine whether a law enforcement officer may have improperly administered a field sobriety test, or made other mistakes during a stop.

A Passionate Litigator

I have a passion for practicing trial law. I’ve worked in other areas of the law but returned to trial law as my passion. As a seasoned litigator, I have the depth and breadth of experience to represent you at trial in state and federal courts throughout Texas. Trial litigation is a unique, high-pressure environment, demanding special skills and experience. If your case proceeds to court, I will not hesitate to represent you assertively before a judge or jury.

Take The First Step – Schedule A Consultation

No matter how difficult your current situation is, I am ready to help you resolve it. Reach out to contact my office so you can schedule an initial consultation. Call 214-699-5297 or send me an email.