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From contested divorces to child custody battles, Grant Frankfurt offers experience that protects you.

Solving Legal Family Matters Since 2012

egal family matters can be incredibly emotional and stressing. Despite the challenges of going through family law matters or its severity, Grant Frankfurt can help you navigate through the process.

As an experienced family lawyer in Dallas, clients turn to Grant Frankfurt to successfully resolve their family law matters. With over a decade of family law experience, Grant Frankfurt has assisted and impacted hundreds of families in the DFW area, tenaciously advocating for his clients.

Grant Frankfurt can help with family law matters such as, but not limited to: 

  • Divorce: Get the best possible outcome from a complex divorce
  • Asset and debt division: Seek the most favorable settlement you can reach under Texas community property law
  • Spousal maintenance: Receive the maintenance you deserve or make sure you do not have to pay too much
  • Conservatorship, possession and access: Protect your parental rights, and get the maximum time with your kids
  • Criminal charges: Defend your right to custody despite criminal charges
  • Child support: Make sure you can provide for all your children’s educational needs, medical needs and more
  • Post-decree modifications: Modify existing order 

When you need practical solutions to complicated problems, you can put your trust in me. As a lifelong resident of Dallas, helping my fellow Texans is my pride and joy.

Ready To Fight For You At Trial

I do not shy away from litigation. If negotiation or mediation does not succeed in achieving the results you need, we will go to trial. Having brought cases before state and federal courts throughout Texas, I feel confident in standing up for your rights before a family law judge or jury.

Get The Solutions You Need

I understand that family law challenges can feel difficult. Fortunately, I will be your tough legal ally. To schedule an initial consultation about representation, please call my office at 214-699-5297 or send me an email.

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