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3 benefits to choosing collaborative law for your Texas divorce

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Family Law

Some people intentionally turn their divorce into an epic showdown with their ex. They battle over every little thing possible, from the details of property division to the custody arrangements for their children.

Litigated divorces can be expensive and frustrating for the people involved, as they may have to wait months for a hearing and even longer for a judge to rule on the case. The good news if you find yourself thinking about divorce in Texas is that litigation isn’t your only option.

You can also choose a collaborative approach to divorce that involves you working with your spouse instead of fighting against them. What are some of the benefits of a collaborative approach to your Texas divorce? 

Having the final say in what happens

Do you own a business, a house or a retirement investment account? If you have substantial assets that you have strong feelings about or big plans for, you may want specific solutions for property division. You may also have strong feelings about certain custody matters.

When you collaborate with your ex, you have the ultimate decision-making authority. Rather than waiting for a judge to decide what happens, you get to set the terms based on what matters most to each of you.

Collaboration protects your privacy

Is there anything more embarrassing than needing to expose all of the misconduct from your marriage in open court? Anyone from your neighbors to your children could ultimately hear about what either you or your ex stay in divorce proceedings.

While addressing certain matters may be important to reaching an appropriate solution in a divorce, you don’t have to do air your dirty laundry in court. Collaborative divorce gives you the opportunity to talk about certain matters while keeping them confidential rather than making them part of court proceedings.

Collaborative law can lead to a faster resolution

As previously mentioned, litigated divorces can take months or more than a year to resolve. The more a couple fights in court, the longer the process will take.

A collaborative approach to divorce will mean that you can file for uncontested proceedings. You won’t need to present evidence to a judge or ask them to contemplate your family’s circumstances. Instead, they will just need to review and proof your property division settlement and parenting plan.

Understanding the basics of collaborative divorce can lead to an easier and less stressful dissolution process.