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A Strong Defense To Protect Your Future

The penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) are serious. Expensive fines, points added to your license, even jail time – these are the consequences you face for a conviction. And these are only the criminal sentences.

Once you regain your driving privileges, your insurance rates are likely to increase significantly. Your personal life can also suffer if your employer, landlord, partner or friends learn of your conviction. If you are a commercial driver or have a security clearance, you could lose your job.

When you need a strong defense against DWI charges, I can assist you. In addition, you need to act quickly, as you have less than two weeks to prevent your license from being revoked.

I am attorney Grant Frankfurt, the founder of Frankfurt Law Firm, PLLC. Since 2012, I have stood up for the rights of clients in Dallas and the surrounding metro area who face misdemeanor and felony DWI charges.

Will My License Be Suspended?

Administrative license revocation (ALR) is the process in which the Texas Department of Public Safety suspends the driver’s license of a motorist. The department may revoke your license for:

  1. Refusing a blood test or breath test
  2. Having a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit of .08
  3. Having a BAC over the legal limit of .04 if you drive a commercial vehicle

You have only 15 days to respond to a suspension notice by requesting a hearing. If you fail to respond or you lose your hearing, the department could suspend your license. I know how to act swiftly to work to keep your license or delay its suspension.

Certified In Field Sobriety Test Administration

I am well qualified to defend clients facing DWI charges. I am certified in field sobriety test (FST) administration, having completed police academy training at Eastfield College. This gives me insight into police tactics and behavior and allows me to look for mistakes that could lead to reduced penalties or dismissal of your charges.

When investigating your case, I can work to uncover whether law enforcement administered the FST incorrectly or violated your Constitutional rights during the DWI stop.

Get A Strong Defense Today

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